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About us


My name is Terry and I am an experienced coach who believes that everyone has the capacity for major, positive change in their life no matter what the circumstances. I focus on empowering individuals, teams and businesses and help them achieve their ambitions, goals and dreams. I have worked with people in both the business world and sporting arenas and have witnessed some amazing and extraordinary results. 

I love riding my bike, running often and practice Yoga every day. I am passionate about grassroots sports and coach kids football. When I have the time I get drawn to the sea for surfing and the mountains for skiing. And my Triumph motorbike is usually not too far behind. My family is my world and being a Dad is very important to me.

You can read testimonials from people I have worked with here and read my blog here.

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I look forward to hearing from you.



"We are what we believe we are"
C.S. Lewis